Property management

A specialist property management team leases land on behalf of owners.  This means finding suitable lessees, arranging a lease and making sure that the conditions of the lease are met.

Leases are arranged in line with what owners want to achieve - options may include improvements to the land which will give better long term returns, for instance installing a water supply, or building a track or road to give access to land - see the benefits the owners of Rangitoto Tuhua  gained from building a drift deck.

The team then seeks the lease proposal that is the best fit with owners’ aspirations, and work with the lessee over the term of the lease to make sure that they fulfil the terms of the lease.

As part of our leasing service for owners we:

  • Negotiate rent for land and any other rights such as cutting rights or mineral extractions
  • Draw up lease agreements
  • Arrange property inspections
  • Collect rent and other income
  • Arrange visits by owners to their land.

See more in the Leasing section on how leases are negotiated and managed.

Te Tumu Paeroa - Property Management