Managing leases

Te Tumu Paeroa is usually the sole point of contact for managing a lease or rental agreement on a property.

In cases where owners are responsible trustees and wish to manage the lease themselves, the lessee will deal with a small group of trustees.

Where Te Tumu Paeroa manages the lease we will:

  • Invoice the lessee/tenant for rent
  • Ensure rent is paid
  • Ensure that rates are paid (usually by the lessee)
  • Arrange rent reviews at the time stipulated in the contract
  • Arrange inspections of the land and any buildings to check compliance with the lease (usually every three years)
  • Request work be carried out where there are breaches of the lease
  • Provide a report on the land to owners approximately every three years.

We also support opportunities for lessees and owners to meet.  This could be inviting lessees to attend a meeting of owners to talk about the work they are doing on the land, or helping lessees arrange an “open day” on the land. 

Towards the end of a lease, Te Tumu Paeroa will arrange a full inspection to ensure that the property is in good order and to establish the situation for any new lease.

Te Tumu Paeroa - Managing leases