Negotiating leases

The Te Tumu Paeroa property team will negotiate and manage leases where we have been appointed as responsible trustee or agent.

As a first step in the lease negotiation process, Te Tumu Paeroa commissions a report from an independent valuer.  The report will include a recommendation for a market rent. 

There may also be further reports on the land, such as soil testing, so that fertiliser application can be agreed as part of the lease. Negotiation of rent will also take into account any improvements the lessee intends to make, the term of the lease, maintenance of any buildings etc.

Te Tumu Paeroa may also consult with owners and advisory trustees on any special conditions to be included in the lease.  This could for example include erosion control, plantings or the preservation of wahi tapu (sacred places) or agreed access for owners, such as to an urupā.

All of these items will be set out in the lease, along with the rent, lease period and times for rent reviews or renewals of the lease term.

Once agreed, the lease will be signed between the parties.

Te Tumu Paeroa - Negotiating leases