Trustees are the people who have been asked by owners or the Māori Land Court to take on the responsibility of protecting and growing the assets of a trust.

For Māori land, assets are usually the land that has been put into the trust, along with any improvements on that land such as houses, and any funds held.  See more about trusts.

Alongside the trust order itself, appointing trustees is probably the most important decision owners will make for their whenua.

It is the trustee or trustees who are responsible for protecting the land and assets by meeting all the obligations under law (everything from filing tax returns and financial accounts to meeting RMA requirements) and all the requirements of the trust order.  They are also ultimately responsible for the decisions about the land, such as investing in improvements, entering joint ventures or borrowing money.

Most land that we work with is held in an Ahu Whenua trust.  This type of trust is set up under Te Ture Whenua Māori Act and sets up special roles for trustees of Māori land.

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You can also see how to appoint a trustee.

Note that Te Tumu Paeroa is the organisation that supports the Māori Trustee to carry out his duties, functions and responsibilities.

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