Kiwifruit mobilisation programme

Te Kaha Orchard

Our kiwifruit mobilisation programme is the largest single investment ever made to establish high-performing kiwifruit orchards on Māori land. An ambitious programme, Te Tumu Paeroa and other investors are going to start the programme by providing $30 million of capital to develop 10 new kiwifruit orchards in the next 18 months. Find out more here.

Te Tumu Whairawa

Te Tumu Whairawa - attendee

Developed to help our trustees and owners build a greater connection to their trust and whenua through a better understanding of finance.

Te Tumu Whairawa was created in a way that makes it flexible enough to offer knowledge and learnings to attendees of all different levels of financial capability and understanding. The skills gained through this course also ensure that participants have the help they need to transition into a Māori governance qualification programme.

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Electronic meetings of owners

EMOO image

Electronic meetings of owners are a series of personalised videos for individual land blocks available through My Whenua.

The videos include detailed information on a block’s land use, lease situation, and financials. Most include expansive aerial drone footage of the whenua, where owners are shown a unique view of their land and its surroundings – a feature particularly useful for those overseas owners who rarely visit the land they’re very much a part of. 

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He Manu Korihi

HMK Programme

He Manu Korihi,  our Associate Advisors Programme, aims to provide a pathway to enhance governance skills by preserving and passing-on knowledge from one generation to another. 

The long-term goal of this programme is to encourage a new generation of owners and beneficial owners to be more actively involved in the mahi of the whenua and in the boardroom. 

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