Kiwifruit mobilisation programme

Our kiwifruit mobilisation programme is the largest single investment ever made to establish high-performing kiwifruit orchards on Māori land. An ambitious programme, Te Tumu Paeroa and other investors are going to start the programme by providing $30 million of capital to develop 10 new kiwifruit orchards in the next 18 months. Find out more here.

Mānuka honey programme

Our mānuka honey programme has three ongoing projects:

1. The Honey Project – working with land owners and tenants to increase their potential return by harvesting mānuka honey from the wild resource.

2. Mānuka Business Feasibility Study – assessing land blocks to identify the viability of a mānuka honey business.

3. The Mānuka Cultivars Plantation Project – in partnership with Mānuka Farming NZ, identifying appropriate underutilised land and working with the land owners to develop a mānuka plantation.

Mānuka identification

We are working with the Matapapa 3 Trust to better understand the existing resource – how much is mānuka vs kānuka, and what are their options to enhance the mānuka resource. A site assessment has been completed, and recently we engaged AUT and Precision Hawk to undertake a piece of work to develop a way to identify mānuka and kānuka using hyperspectral cameras, algorithms and drones. If successful, it will be a very useful tool for other land blocks