Making it easier to connect with your whenua

Electronic meetings of owners are a series of personalised videos for individual land blocks available through My Whenua — (our innovative online service for Māori land-owners).

We’re doing our best to bridge the gap for Māori landowners living away from their whenua. These videos are part of a campaign to make the information presented at meetings more accessible to owners.

The videos include detailed information on a block’s land use, lease situation, and financials. Most include expansive aerial drone footage of the whenua, where owners are shown a unique view of their land and its surroundings – a feature particularly useful for those overseas owners who rarely visit the land they’re very much a part of. 

We produce videos for approximately 200 entities per year and time the production of these videos to coincide with owner hui.

Will every block have videos made for them?

We make videos for blocks where we are the responsible trustee, and there's a My Whenua site for the Trust. It's our ultimate aim to produce this service for all eligible entities but there are a few instances where we don't create the series of videos for blocks.

The reasons that some blocks don’t receive videos may relate to the size or income of the block, land utilisation, owner engagement on My Whenua or blocks where handover is underway.

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We've recently produced over 300 series of videos for individual land blocks and will be continuing this work for all  eligible entities. Click here to visit My Whenua and see if your block has received videos about your land.