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Meeting details

  • Time & Date: 10AM, Thursday 20 May 2021
  • Venue:

    Esk Room, Kelvin Hotel

  • Location:

    20 Kelvin Street
    Invercargill 9810

  • Agenda:

    He Whakatuwheratanga
    1. Whakawhanaungatanga
    2. Apologies
    3. Main points of last meeting
    4. Advisory Trustees report
    5. Financial report
    6. Education Grants
    a. Report on grants awarded
    b. Grant process
    7. General business
    a. Owners lists
    b. Meeting of Owners
    i. Timing
    ii. Agenda
    1. Review of trust
    2. Variation of trust (update trust order, change of name of trust)
    3. Review/Nomination of Advisory Trustees
    iii. Advertising
    c. Property Inspection
    8. Whakahokia ngā korero
    He Whakakapinga

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