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Meeting details

  • Time & Date: 10:30AM, Tuesday 3 March 2020
  • Venue:

    Airport Gateway Motor Lodge

  • Location:

    45 Roydvale Avenue,

  • Agenda:

    Meeting agenda
    He whakatuwheratanga
    1. Whakawhanaungatanga
    2. Apologies
    3. Te Tumu Paeroa
    4. Tō whenua
    5. Main points of last meeting
    6. Owners’ report
    7. Financial statements
    8. Proposed partial termination of Trust
    a. Remove Opukutahi 885 S.2A5B2B3B from the Opukutahi Trust
    b. Remove the Māori Trustee & appoint new Responsible Trustees for the whole Opukutahi Trust
    c. Court hearing minutes and directions dated 9/09/2016
    9. Trustee Election
    10. Review of trust 2021
    11. General business
    12. My Whenua – online service
    13. Whakahokia ngā korero
    He whakakapinga

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