Māori landowners’ connection to their land captured in our Annual Report.

2018 Annual Report_cover.jpg

This week we launched our Annual Report for 2018.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve continued to make towards achieving our vision to mobilise Māori land and assets.

We’ve achieved some significant milestones over the last year – from breaking ground on new kiwifruit orchards to utilising technology to better realise the potential of Māori land and assets.

But most importantly we’ve continued to support Māori landowners’ connection with their land, to ensure that Māori land is protected and enhanced – for now and for generations to come.

In this Annual Report owners and trustees, in their own words, share their stories about their connection to their whenua through the services we provide.

Māori land is a taonga tuku iho. While the landscape in which we deliver our services is forever changing, our focus remains the same – he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.