We want to make sure we’re providing a valuable service to our clients. To do this we need feedback from the owners and trustees that we work with.

Te Aroha open day

Your feedback will help us to raise the quality of what we do.

That’s why we have engaged an independent market research company to measure the quality of the service our clients received over the past year.

Over the next couple of weeks UMR will conduct 400 surveys by telephone and a further 200 online with a number of our clients.

If you’ve been in touch with us in the last year, attended a meeting of owners recently, or registered for My Whenua, you might be contacted by URM to give your feedback on our services.

Frequently asked questions about our annual client survey

Who is UMR?

UMR is an independent market research and evaluation company. They specialise in corporate reputation, issue management, policy, evaluation, social and rural research. They have been in operation since 1987. They have offices in Wellington, Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne.

How did UMR get my number/email address?

Te Tumu Paeroa securely supplied UMR with a list of our clients who’ve had contact with us in the past 12 months. We’re bound by the principles of the Privacy Act. These principles determine how we collect, store and use personal information.

Will you be able to identify my answers?

Your answers will be completely confidential. They’ll be grouped with those of other clients’ and will not be looked at in isolation. We won’t be able to work out who said what.

Why aren't you asking us yourselves?

We don’t want to influence what you say, so we are using an independent organisation to conduct the research on our behalf. This means that your answers are confidential, and the results we get are unbiased.

Can I be excluded from being contacted like this in the future?

We can make a note on your client record on our database to not call you in the future.

Who can I complain to about the survey?

Complaints should be emailed through to Sara Passmore, Te Tumu Paeroa communications’ manager at sara.passmore@tetumupaeroa.co.nz.