We’re getting a great responses from owners to our new electronic meeting of owners videos.


We’re bridging the gap for Māori landowners living away from their whenua. Over the last few months we’ve successfully created and delivered a series of videos about Māori land. These videos are part of a campaign to make the information presented at meetings more accessible to owners.


Electronic meetings of owners are personalised videos for individual land blocks available through My Whenua —  our purpose-built online Māori landowners website.

The videos include detailed information on a block’s land use, lease situation, and financials. Many include expansive aerial drone footage of the whenua, where owners are shown a unique view of their land and its surroundings – a feature particularly useful for those overseas owners who rarely visit the land they’re very much a part of. 

Beginning in late 2016 we started recording the footage of the land blocks and creating the videos. Since then we’ve made 77 electronic meetings of owners, with a further 149 planned for land blocks this year.      

Feedback from those who've viewed the electronic meetings highlights how important it is for owners to connect more easily to information about their land, how it’s managed, and the aspirations they have for the future.              

99% of owners can’t attend a meeting of owners. Having these videos online as meetings for each block goes a long way in connecting owners”

Megan - Land owner

The video presentations are of great value, especially for our elders. It draws you to the land…the video is a tool where owners can not only showcase their land, but also make it easier for the next generation to follow”

Paranihia - Land owner

It’s nice to be able to find out about all the owners, trustees, and meeting minutes. Definitely something I’m glad I’ve connected to”

Paaka - Land owner

My Whenua is becoming a more and more useful resource to Māori landowners because of the exclusive information available. Owners can view up to date information about their whenua, owners lists, financial statements, meeting minutes and much more. With owners enjoying easy online access to information about their land, My Whenua is helping to establish a close dialogue between owners and increasing decision-making.                                

To access My Whenua, simply enter your details into the form here. Once your details are verified, we’ll email you an invitation. 

Upcoming site updates

We'll continue to roll out the electronic meetings of owners over the coming months. We've already added electronic meetings of owners to 79 My Whenua pages.

Over the next month we'll be adding personalised videos to the following My Whenua pages:

  • Opukutahi MR 885 Sec 2A1
  • Komene 12D
  • Whaiti Kuranui 2D4 Section 15D2
  • Taumata 4
  • Hereheretau C4B
  • Nuhaka 2A4H2
  • Wairoa Military Settlement Section 42D1 Blk IX Opoiti SD
  • Wairoa Military Settlement Section 42E2 Blk IX Opoiti SD
  • Rangitaiki 30D1
  • Rangitaiki 29P1
  • Kopuatarakihi 4 & 5
  • Okarito 19
  • Tokomaru B5E3
  • Matata Sec 43
  • Pukahu 33D1
  • Pourerere B No 3
  • Pukekura West C2A
  • Matapapa 2A 2B1
  • Patangata 3B2A
  • Whaiti Kuranui 2D2D