You can’t develop the land, without developing the people.


We know our owners and trustees lead busy lives, taking care of whānau and their mahi first. While being kaitiaki is an important role – it can take a lot of time and effort to learn what needs to be done. Parts of land management can be technical, and understanding terms like ‘retained earnings, sundry, distributable income, equity’ etc. can be daunting and confusing for anyone.

It’s our aim to empower our trustees and owners with the knowledge needed to manage their trusts and finances. In 2015 our Te Tumu Whairawa programme for financial literacy was created to achieve just that. The Government’s Commission for Financial Capability was a key driver for Te Tumu Paeroa to get involved in their mission to build financial capability to ensure New Zealanders are prepared for retirement. Our programme has been designed in a way to cater for people at all different levels of financial knowledge; from those who don’t know what a trustee does, to those looking to set-up and run their whānau land trust.

Course facilitator and Capability Manager, Neville King, says “ Māori have an innate connection to the whenua and the programme utilises this connection to unpack people’s thinking about how we treat land and ourselves as consumers and kaitiaki. –

“Really it’s about building trustee’s and owner’s confidence and understanding of financial reporting of an Ahuwhenua Trust and to build their capability as a trustee.”

We have a network of experienced people to deliver the programme including facilitators from Te Tumu Paeroa who can help you with:

  • Understanding financial jargon
  • Understanding financial statements within a land context
  • Financial safety
  • Financial planning
  • Creating a budget for a land entity.
  • Being able to read, understand and explain financial accounts
  • Explaining the roles, responsibilities and obligations of a kaitiaki of a land entity

 To find out more about Te Tumu Whairawa and how to register, email

 Te Tumu Whairawa course participant feedback:

 “Before I knew absolutely nothing. When we looked at finances I used to skip over it. I've now gone on to a level 4 Māori Governance course at BoP Polytech.”

 “All my siblings and I were setting up our whānau land trust, and it helped to run it.”

 “Knowing nothing to knowing a lot has been awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Doing it as a whānau was cool. I did it with my sister and my husband. It was whānau orientated.”