Making more of Māori land and assets

We work with Māori land owners to make more of their land and assets by proposing and managing land developments. These might involve changing the current land use (eg establishing kiwifruit), or helping owners establish a new business venture on their land. We use a consultation process we call Poutama, where we:

  • clarify the goals of owners
  • identify opportunities to establish active, profitable businesses
  • communicate how land development might meet these goals.

The Poutama process ensures all owners understand what is happening at every step.

Form a solid business plan for success

Before embarking on any land development, we help owners develop a solid business plan, which includes:

  • detailed data on potential land use
  • data on land/industry trends and issues
  • feasibility studies for changing land use and/or business focus
  • identifying potential business partners
  • negotiating with owners of neighbouring land blocks to create larger scale operations
  • setting up governance arrangements
  • facilitation of finance
  • a five-year plan
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Business management support

Once a land development venture is underway, our advisors support owners to manage their business and develop their capabilities. We also give ongoing advice on opportunities to grow the business, including keeping on top of market trends. We manage:

  • finances – this includes cashflow management, paying accounts and reporting
  • relationships with suppliers
  • all health, safety and environmental responsibilities.

Monitoring and analysis

We support developments (eg farms, orchards and other operations) to maintain excellent standards and meet strategic objectives. Our analysts provide tools for effective planning, analysis and reporting that assists governance and management in decision-making. We cover:

  • annual planning
  • operational reporting
  • monitoring and enterprise reporting
  • supplier management
  • annual contract management.

Meet the team

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