Maintaining extensive records on land and people

Te Tumu Paeroa holds records on all the land we manage, and the owners and trustees of that land. This service helps land owners understand their land and the people they share it with. Most of this information (except for confidential details) is publicly available on our website, including details on:

  • land location and size
  • owners and whānau trusts
  • upcoming land owner meetings
  • unpaid money (the result of being unable to locate or contact owners).

Search our records for information on your land or unpaid money that we might be holding for you.

Registering your details when you become a land owner

If the Māori Land Court determines that you're a land owner, or a descendent of an owner, they'll notify us. If you're an owner and we have your contact details, we'll send out an information pack that includes:

  • forms for you to complete and send back to us (in our freepost return envelope)
  • details about who we are and what we do
  • what you can expect from us
  • a list of your shares and the land we manage on your behalf
  • request for proof of identity (licence, birth certificate or passport).

It's really important that you provide some proof of your identity – until you do so, we might not be able to confirm your land ownership or make any payments.

Updating missing or outdated contact details

We don't always have the right contacts for people we need to find – people might move, or change their phone number. Please confirm your contact details if you think you might be an owner of land we look after (or get in touch if you know whanaunga who that might apply to). That will help us update you on your land or pay out any unpaid money we might have for you.

Meet the team

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Get regular updates on your land

Confirm your contact details and we can provide ongoing updates on your land with our My Whenua service. We’ll also get back to you know if we need any other details (eg for payments).

Confirm your contact details and get set up with My Whenua