What My Whenua is

My Whenua is a secure website for owners, trustees and whānau of Māori land that we look after. Read the latest minutes, check when the next meeting will be held and connect with other owners. It's our way of keeping owners, trustees and whānau informed - making it easier to stay connected to your whenua.

What information My Whenua provides

Your My Whenua account contains all the official land information you might need, in one convenient place. For each block of land it has:

  • maps
  • photos
  • reports
  • a list of owners
  • minutes from meetings
  • upcoming meetings
  • history
  • news.

Get notified when there are updates about your land

My Whenua can bring information about your land straight to you. You'll get an email notification whenever there's an update you should know about, like an upcoming meeting of owners or a new report.

Talking about whenua with your whānau

It's important to talk to your whānau about the land they'll inherit one day. Your whānau can create an account so that they can start engaging with their whenua and learning about Māori land ownership and governance.

My Whenua makes it easier to know what's happening with your land and discuss this with your whānau – so knowledge is shared and passed on for future generations.

Sign up to My Whenua

You can sign up to My Whenua in three steps. All you need is a personal email address, any letters you have from us could be useful too.

  1. Sign up: Click Go to My Whenua, enter and verify your email address, create your password and enter your name.
  2. Create your My Whenua profile: Choose your access type, Enter your date of birth,  client account number (if you know it) and your contact phone number. You can then add further contact information on your profile. 
  3. Add whenua to your account: If we haven’t already matched your account to our database, you can search by name of whenua, owners or whānau name. 

Currently 10% of land owners live overseas. My Whenua makes it easy for even your most distant whānau to stay in touch with their land. Once your My Whenua account is set up, you can use your email address to login and access information about your land anytime.