What My Whenua is

My Whenua is an online service for owners and trustees of Māori land we look after. Owners can log in to a secure website containing regularly updated info about their land. It's our way of keeping you informed and making it easier to stay connected to your land.

What info My Whenua provides

Your My Whenua account contains all the official land information you might need, in one convenient place. For each block of land it has:

  • maps
  • photos
  • reports
  • a list of owners
  • minutes from meetings
  • upcoming meetings
  • history
  • news.

Get notified when there are updates about your land

My Whenua can bring information about your land straight to you. You'll get an email notification whenever there's an update you should know about, like an upcoming meeting of owners or a new report.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Currently 10% of land owners live overseas. My Whenua makes it easy for even your most distant whānau to stay in touch with their land.

Easily talk about land with your whānau

It's important to talk to your whānau about the land they'll inherit one day. My Whenua makes it easier to know what's happening with your land and discuss this with your whānau – so knowledge is shared.

Electronic meetings of owners

Electronic meetings of owners are a series of personalised videos for individual land blocks available through My Whenua. The videos include detailed information on a block’s land use, lease situation, and financials. Most include expansive aerial drone footage of the whenua, where owners are shown a unique view of their land and its surroundings – a feature particularly useful for those overseas owners who rarely visit the land they’re very much a part of. 

To find out more about electronic meetings of owners click here.

Sign up for regular land updates with My Whenua

To get started with My Whenua you just need to confirm your contact details. If My Whenua isn't available for your land yet (we're currently rolling it out), we'll get in touch when it's ready.

Confirm your contact details and get set up with My Whenua