Taikura Nuku model

Using our Taikura Nuku model we can identify the productivity potential of significant areas of Māori land right down to individual parcels.

We combine nationally significant datasets provided by Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua, geospatial data, land use capability data, Land Environment of New Zealand climate data, industry benchmarks, and data from our own extensive land portfolio to gain insight into how Māori land can operate at highest and best use.

When we set aside the challenges faced by owners of muiltiply owned Māori land we’re presented with tremendous opportunities. And when we understand the scale of these opportunities – not just for individual land owners but for New Zealand as a whole – we can undertake actions now that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

When Māori land and assets are working to their fullest potential, the benefits are not just economic. We’ll all grow stronger, with better decision making, more choices, and better outcomes for all.

Our Taikura Nuku model gives assurance to decisions about land development options. It gives owners confidence that they are making long-term decisions underpinned by robust, relevant, and current data.

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