Fulfilling the terms of the trust order

We have a team of experts on trusts at Te Tumu Paeroa. They work with trustees and owners to ensure the terms of the trust order are met. This might include: holding owner meetings, organising distributions of land income or preparing trust review applications (details below).

Holding meetings of owners

Most trust orders require holding owner meetings from time to time. Attending a meeting is a great chance for owners to get updates about their land and share their views. If Te Tumu Paeroa is the responsible trustee, our trust liaison team will:

  • organise the meeting venue
  • send notices to owners and advisory trustees
  • prepare the meeting presentation
  • run the meeting on the day
  • keep the minutes of the meeting
  • record results if voting takes place.

We may also help to organise a meeting of advisory trustees ahead of the owner meeting.

Managing distributions of income to owners

If agreed to by the trustees, any income from the land (minus any fees) may be distributed to owners. The trust liaison team helps to manage this process. They make sure all owners entitled to distributions receive their share.

Preparing trust review applications

The Māori Land Court requires all trusts to be reviewed regularly. We'll make the application to the court to have the trust reviewed. We'll also let owners know when and where the hearing will take place, in case they wish to attend.

Support to manage and govern their land

Te Tumu Paeroa has people located in regional offices around the country responsible for building closer relationships with Māori land owners.  These people work with owners to realise opportunities to improve the value of their land and also their capability to manage and govern their own land.

Meet the team

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If you have any questions about the services we provide to trustees and owners, please get in touch:  contact@tetumupaeroa.co.nz or freephone 0800 943 682