Base fee

Base trustee fee: $1,475 (excluding GST) per annum

This is a fixed annual fee for land where we're the Responsible Trustee. This ensures we're able to cover routine trust services required under the terms of the trust order. These services include:

  • holding meetings of owners
  • keeping annual accounts
  • tax preparation
  • trust reviews.

Read more on what we do to support trustees and owners.

Additional trustee services

Additional meetings: $520 per meeting
This is only charged if the trust wants to hold additional meetings of owners (beyond those required in the Trust Order), or to hold Advisory Trustee meetings.

Advisory Trustee change administration: $198 per hour
This is for the appointment or removal of Advisory Trustees.

Distribution Administration fee: 2.5% of the gross value of distribution
This is for managing the payment of a distribution to owners.

Manual report and mailing fee: $15 per report 
This is charged to cover the cost of printing and mailing a paper copy of a report – note that no fee is charged for emailed reports or reports found in My Whenua.

Property management

Property Management fee: 7.5% (plus GST) of the gross rental of the lease

This is a commission charged to the trust to cover property management services. This commission is normally paid by the trust – unless the lease stipulates that the tenant will pay. It covers:

  • rental collection
  • rent reviews
  • lease renewals
  • tenancy management.

The fine print

  • Fees are charged to the trust account unless stated otherwise.
  • All figures exclude GST.
  • Fees also exclude disbursements such as court application fees, which will be passed onto the trust at cost.
  • Incidental costs for meetings (such as catering and venue hire) aren't included in the above fees and will be covered by the trust.