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Update contact details

To stay up to date with what's happening on your whenua, it's important that we have your current contact details. 

Before we can give you any owner or trust information or pay you funds we may be holding for you, we need to know it's you - so we'll always ask you some specific information to help confirm your identity. 

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Update my contact details

My contact details

Enter your first name.
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Enter your date of birth
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Update contact details for someone else

Enter their first name
Enter their last name
Enter any other name(s) they may be known by.
Enter their date of birth
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Enter their contact phone number
If known, enter their client number. This will start with a CLI-XXXXXXX
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What is the relationship you have to this person? e.g. sister

Update contact details for a whānau trust

Aroha mai, if you are not a Trustee for this whānau trust, you're unable to update the contact details. Please contact us on 0800 943 682 or via email on [email protected]

Enter the name of your whānau trust
This will start with a CLI-XXXXXXX
A primary contact is a trustee of the whānau trust who receives information we send regarding your whānau trust.

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