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Tū Tiaki

Tū Tiaki is a Māori Governance Toolkit – so you can enhance the skills and knowledge needed to take care of the whenua.

This free, online multimedia learning module is available to whenua Māori owners and trustees who want the tools to protect and enhance the land in their care. The toolkit includes videos and workbooks on:

  • Trustee duties and development
  • Trust Orders and whenua potential
  • Managing the whenua
  • Owner engagement
  • Strategy and legislation
  • Decisions and ethics
  • Policy and leadership
  • Risk, budgets and fraud

It also includes templates and lists to use for your whenua Māori trust mahi too.

Ready to go? Find out how to sign up for Tū Tiaki here.

Two women talking outside a marae, still from video

Why Tū Tiaki?

Tū: To stand
Tiaki: Guard, or look after
Tū Tiaki: To stand in guardianship

To stand, tū, is to take responsibility. Tū Tiaki is designed to prepare whenua Māori owners and trustees to stand in guardianship.

Its aim is to support them to meet the expectations and responsibilities that come with this guardianship – from Tauiwi law from whānau, hapū and iwi responsibility.

Te Tumu Paeroa is committed to growing the governance capability of Māori landowners so that they can increase their involvement in the administration of whenua Māori.

The Māori Trustee, with the support of her office, Te Tumu Paeroa, administers more than 80,000 hectares of freehold Māori land. They provide professional trustee and administration services on behalf of more than 100,000 landowners.

Te Tumu Paeroa ensures the land is protected and enhanced now and for generations to come. But what the Office is ultimately working toward is Māori governing their own whenua.

Every whenua Māori owner that completes Tū Tiaki is a small step toward this goal.

Sign up for Tū Tiaki

  • If you are a whenua Māori owner, all you need is your My Whenua login to get started here
  • Not signed up for My Whenua? Easy! You can do that here, all you need is an email address. Find out more about why My Whenua is a great tool for landowners here.
  • Trustee for a whenua Māori trustee, but not a landowner? Email to let them know that you are keen to register for Tū Tiaki. You’ll just need to provide your name, email address and let us know which whenua Māori land block you’re involved with.
  • Keen to upskill on governance in a tikanga Māori way, but not connected with Te Tumu Paeroa? Our partners Community Governance Aotearoa have the videos from the toolkit online, as well as a range of other helpful resources on community governance.