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Fees for our services

The services we offer and the cost to provide them differ depending on what role the Māori Trustee has with your trust. 

Where the Māori Trustee is acting as agent

The responsible trustees for your Ahu whenua trust may request us to provide agency services for the trust. The services, their terms and fees can be found here. [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Where the Māori Trustee is responsible trustee

Base trustee fee

This is an annual fixed fee paid from trust funds. This fee covers routine trust services required to carry out the role and responsibilities of a responsible trustee. These services include:

  • Trust administration and reporting (including through My Whenua where applicable)
  • Meetings of owners
  • Annual accounts and tax preparation
  • Trust reviews 
  • My Whenua access

These fees are generally invoiced to and paid by the trust in June each year.

The base fee is $1,475 per annum per entity

Property management fee

Where the land is leased, a percentage of the rental received is payable for our property management services for the trust. This amount is calculated as a commission set out in the Māori Trustee Regulations 2009.

The property management services we provide include:

  • Advertising properties for lease
  • Negotiating and setting up new leases
  • Rental collection
  • Rent reviews
  • Lease renewals 
  • Regular property inspections to ensure the whenua is being looked after

The commission is set at 7.5% of the gross rental received 

Client account management fee

This is an annual fee of $10 billed on all accounts where we are still holding a balance at the end of April each year outside the normal distribution cycle. This will be due to Te Tumu Paeroa not holding verified bank account details for the client account.

To update your bank account details please submit a form request here.

The annual fee does not apply to client accounts where we are able to pay a distribution as part of our normal distribution process.

To find out if we are holding any funds for you or a member of your whānau, you can check our records here.

Other trustee services

Additional meetings: $520 per meeting 
This is charged for advisory trustee meetings and for any owner meeting held beyond those scheduled for the trust, as required by the trust order. For example, if the trust is scheduled to hold one meeting of owners in a year and holds two. The additional meeting fee will also apply to any meeting requisitioned by owners or directed by the Court.

Advisory trustee change administration: $198 per hour 
This is for work associated with the appointment or removal of advisory trustees.

Distribution administration fee: 2.5% of the gross value of distribution
This is for managing the payment of a distribution to owners.

Other information 

  • Fees and commissions above are charged to the trust account unless stated otherwise.
  • All figures exclude GST, which is also payable.
  • Fees also exclude disbursements such as court application fees, which will be passed onto the trust at cost.
  • Incidental costs for meetings (such as catering and venue hire) aren't included in the above fees and will be covered by the trust.