Using land income for grants and scholarships

Many land owners and trustees are committed to educating the next generation, and supporting kaumatua and Māori communities. They may decide to use some or all land income to fund grants for kaumatua, or scholarships for owners or their whānau (eg contribute towards textbooks or course fees).

Managing grants & scholarships

Grants: We can help set up grants on behalf of land owners and trustees. We also ensure that all grant recipients meet the criteria you've set.

Scholarships: We manage scholarships on behalf of trusts. This might include advertising the scholarship, receiving applications and notifying applicants of the outcome.

Sir Āpirana Ngata Memorial Scholarships

The Sir Āpirana Ngata Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship that we manage on behalf of the Māori Soldiers Trust. It's funded by the trust's major asset, Hereheretau Station, and aims to promote higher education among Māori. The scholarships are open to all Māori studying at a polytechnic, wānanga, university or other tertiary institution – but preference is given to descendants of Māori who served overseas during World War I.

Applications for the 2020 Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Scholarship are now open. Here is the link to the 2020 application.

Te Kaha 9B Ahu Whenua Trust

Applications for Te Kaha 9B Ahu Whenua Trust Secondary and Tertiary Education Grants are now open until 31 March 2020. If you have a connection and are interested in applying, please contact Teariki Goodwin-Nonu on 0800 WHENUA (943 682) or 

Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you set up a grant or scholarship, please get in touch or freephone 0800 943 682.