Mizpah Vanstone is a Māori landowner, currently living in Canada. Her family are travellers, living all over the world.

Mizpah Vanstone and whānau

[image: Mizpah (centre) with her mother Mihiroa Peti kit e rangi Mohi, and youngest daughter Alyce Ketcher]

Mizpah Vanstone (57) is a Māori landowner, currently living in Canada. As an owner of land managed by Te Tumu Paeroa, she’s been able to access information through our online site – My Whenua.

“I was born in Whanganui - my mum is a Mohi and my dad a McCarthy. I went to boarding school in Hamilton, at Church College of New Zealand”.

Mizpah’s the oldest of nine children and they’re a family of travellers.

“One of my siblings resides in USA, four in Australia, one in New Zealand, two in Ireland and I’m in Canada!”

Once she’d finished college she decided to go travelling. She met her first husband in Australia and had a family.

Mizpah’s children are also overseas residents.

“I have three daughters. Two reside in London and one is in Honolulu. One is an assistant principal in the science department at a college in London. Another graduated with a Masters in Sports Science. And my youngest daughter is a certified diamond jeweller specialising in antique jewels in London” says Mizpah.

Setting up base in Canada

Mizpah now calls Canada home, where she lives with her husband Luke.

“Luke got a job driving dangerous goods (fuel) with a truck company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Once we were able to apply for permanent residency in Canada, we left the Prairies for Calgary”.

Mizpah is now retired while Luke currently works for a truck company as a supervisor.

Connection to Aotearoa

While Mizpah’s roots in Canada are now well established, she still has a strong connection to New Zealand.

“I have a brother, niece, nephew, cousins, aunts and uncles in New Zealand” says Mizpah.

She’s also an owner of a number of Māori land in the central North Island, including two managed by Te Tumu Paeroa.

It’s important to keep my ties with the land and in touch with my heritage. I’m grateful for social media and the internet. It allows me access to my whānau back home and my roots.”

Mizpah Vanstone - Māori land owner living in Canada

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