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Māori Trustee Top-up Loan Scheme

The Māori Trustee Top-Up Small Business Loan Scheme is now closed for applications.

Applications are now closed.

If you have any pātai about your loan, or application you can email [email protected] 

Understanding your New Top-Up Loan statement

If you’ve passed your 24 month date, you’ll receive your monthly statements in a slightly different format. To help you understand what each part means there is a guide below. 

New Top-Up Loan statement guide [JPG, 264 KB]

  • Since your loan has now begun the compulsory repayment period, it has been issued a .1 to the end of it. You don’t need to change anything and you can continue to use the number without the .1 as the reference in your bank payments.

  • If you don’t make your monthly instalment in full before the due date each month, you will incur default interest. Please make sure you make the full monthly instalments before their due dates to avoid default interest.

  • If the statement is your first under the new compulsory repayment period, the opening balance will reflect your outstanding principal and accrued interest to date. For all following months, this is equal to the closing balance from the previous month.